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Our Existence

Nav Bharat Engineering Works

Our Existence

Nav Bharat Engineering Works came into existence in the year 1985 and has been a major contributor to the steel industry, since then. We have a long list of reputed clients to our credit in India and abroad. Being innovative leaders of the Rollling Mill industry, we boast a wide range of products, values like hard work, honesty and constant will to innovate is the reason of our strong hold in a market with cutting edge competition.

Over the centuries, there has been a constant struggle to improve the quality of steel and discover newer, faster and more costeffective methods of producing it. Amid global competition, the heat is on like never before, resulting in heavier demands on the metal industry’s approach to serve its markets. To survive, a new type of partnership is required. It calls for team spirit and truly joint effort by all the key players in the metal industry. We are committed to playing our part in developing such synergetic relationships with our current customers and future partners, we have collaratation with European company MNSistem in tech space.

Our extensive research and development in sustainable development has set benchmarks in the steel industry. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology· Efficient and effective quality management system· Adherence to delivery schedule with consistent supply· Commitment towards customer satisfaction through continual improvement.